September 5, 2013

5 Life Insurance Misconceptions!!

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!!

Here are five misconceptions about Life insurance that people commonly use as an excuse not to get it.

1. I am too young for life insurance!

– Your age actually works in your favor. Your premium will never be cheaper than it is today!!!

2. I’ve got life insurance with work!

– 95% of those policies are left behind when you leave your job.

3. I don’t need it right now.

– Later means it’s going to be more expensive, and you might not be insurable when you get it “later”

4. I have a policy and I get cash value with my policy.

– Unless you have a Whole Life or Universal policy you DON’T get cash value.

5. I have enough insurance.

– 70% of the population either have no life insurance or not enough insurance. How do you know if yours is enough or not.

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