August 12, 2013

It’s football season

You’re out buying your big screen TV right now so you can invite your friends to watch the games on Sundays. Thoughts come through your head and you realize, “the patio at my apartment is awesome, but I’m on the first floor…what if someone breaks in and steals it?” Doubt floods your mind, the thought of such a loss is making tough to buy.

Have no fear my fearful renter, because Rafail Insurance has got you covered. Did you know if you have a renters policy that insures your property for at least $25k, all your stuff is covered at replacement cost? That means, if some fool breaks in and tries to take your TV, Farmers can cover the cost of replacing it, not just pay you what they think the TV costs now. So while we can’t insure your fantasy team, and you probably shouldn’t invite that guy that threw a full fishbowl at your TV last year when Matt Schaub took a slide instead of running for the first down, don’t worry about the TV, we’ve got your covered.


2 Tips to avoid problems with burglary

1. Get to know your neighbors as soon as you move in, day time burglary happens because neighbors ignore the obvious merely due to the fact that they don’t know their neighbors.

2. When bringing in a new, expensive toy, don’t make it obvious. Cover it with a blanket, or back in your car so people driving by can’t see what you’re unloading.