September 25, 2015

National Life Awareness Month

As Life Insurance Awareness month comes to an end we hope that you found these reasons enough to convince you to think about life insurance:

    • Life insurance can replace your income if you suddenly pass away. That way, your family will not struggle financially to cover what your salary used to.
    • Life Insurance can help fill the gaps in retirement. Once you retire, you may rely on Social Security or other means of federal aid. But what happens when your spouse passes away? It will cause a reduction in this aid, but with life insurance, the loss of a loved one won’t have to be a financial struggle as well.
    • If you are adopting or having a child, life insurance could cover day care, college, and everything else in case you or a spouse pass away.
    • If you are getting married or newly married, life insurance can cover that car loan or home loan if there is a sudden loss in spouse or partner.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee how long you will be around for your family, but you can secure their future if the worst does come around. Contact us today for more information.