Antonio Mendoza August 14, 2020
Houston Chronicle Best of the Best in Houston 2020

VOTED BEST OF THE BEST in Houston by you!! We are so grateful and excited to have to voted the #1 Insurance Agency in Houston by our wonderful clients, partners and friends in the Houston Chronicle’s Best of the Best 2020. There is no greater compliment. Helping you with home, auto, life, business insurnace and more […]

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Antonio Mendoza August 11, 2020
The Difference Between Term and Permanent Insurance

Let’s discuss the difference between Term and Permanent Insurance. Term Insurance is pretty black and white. You received X amount of coverage for X amount of time and then it goes away. Much like rent, there is no equity in it but it meets a short term need. It may be low cost now but […]

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Antonio Mendoza July 9, 2020
Are You Ready for Hurricane Season

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?  Did you know a new flood insurance policy takes 30 days to go into effect? Hurricane Season has already sent one tropical storm our way. Don’t be unprepared for the next storm. Your home insurance policy covers many natural disasters and weather events, including wind, hail, lightning strikes, and […]

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Antonio Mendoza May 19, 2020
Types of Business Insurance Coverage

As your business grows, your risks increase. Your commercial property is the most important part of your business. For us, your commercial property includes not only the physical structure that houses your business but also all the elements that help it prosper – from the machinery you use to the goods you transport by sea […]

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Antonio Mendoza
COVID-19: Implications for Cyber ​​Risk Insurance and Tech E&O Coverage and Multimedia Content Liability

New risks and challenges are presented with the social distancing policies and telework protocols that have been adopted to face the crisis generated by COVID-19. The fact that people are interacting remotely, under stressful circumstances, and overloading the technological infrastructure, compels organizations to consider how their cyber risk profile can be affected. A great challenge […]

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Antonio Mendoza March 23, 2020
Support your Local Restaurants

Rafail Insurance Agency supported our client Urban Eats by using door-dash to deliver us lunch! We also supported Charlie’s BBQ in Bellaire. Frank “Foti” Demeris & his Greek Family have owned the business for years. He is very involved with the Greek Festival & helps so much in the community! Support your local restaurants by […]

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Antonio Mendoza March 6, 2020
What is Event Insurance and Why Would I Need One?

Event insurance can make a difference for any company. The presentation of a new product, a fair, an exhibition, an anniversary party, a meeting between partners (add weddings?) … No matter the nature of the event, nobody is safe from unexpected setbacks. Event Insurance is the type of insurance that covers your responsibility as the […]

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Antonio Mendoza February 26, 2020
What is cyber liability and how to choose the best policy.

With the advance of the Internet of things (IoT), cyber risks grow, and for this reason, all companies and individuals should consider acquiring policies that protect them from these threats. The news about cyber-attacks is never-ending, cyber ​​threats are becoming the number one commercial risk for organizations of all sizes, from system hacks and ransomware […]

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