Antonio Mendoza December 19, 2022

Planning a Special Event? Here’s Why You Need Insurance

Events like weddings, parties, and conferences have many benefits. Firstly, they bring people together and allow them to create lifelong memories. Companies can also use events like mystery dinners to foster teamwork. Additionally, some entrepreneurs earn revenue from occasions like festivals.

Unfortunately, sometimes catastrophic mishaps occur during events and lead to immense losses. Since most experienced planners know that, they protect themselves through event insurance.

Read on to learn more about event insurance and why it’s necessary.

What is Event Insurance?

Event insurance protects you against losses that may arise from a specific occasion. These policies cover weddings, banquets, conferences, festivals, auctions, quinceaƱeras, debutante balls, and any other event you can think of.

Generally, event insurance is valid during the duration of the covered event. So, you may buy a policy for an occasion that lasts for a day, like a wedding, or for a week-long festival. Most policy providers will allow you to buy insurance anywhere from a few days prior to a couple of years before your event.

Why is Event Insurance Necessary?

You should get insurance for your event because it will protect you from losses caused by the issues outlined below.

Personal Injuries

Sometimes, people get injured during events. This problem is often prevalent in parties like a wedding afterparty with crowds and substances like alcohol.

For instance, guests may get drunk, slip, and fall on a wedding ballroom floor. If the victims crash onto a hard surface, they may suffer sprains, broken bones, or concussions. In extreme cases, they may end up with severe issues like spinal cord and neck injuries.

Here’s another scenario. Suppose you have a concert that gets overcrowded. In this case, people may shove each other and trample those unlucky enough to fall.

Equipment Damage and Loss

Depending on your event, you may need different pieces of equipment. For instance, items like plastic chairs, banquet tables, and trash containers may be necessary at a wedding. On the other hand, if the event is a conference, you may have to source power amplifiers, audio processors, and speakers, among other things.

Unfortunately, sometimes pieces of equipment get damaged while in use. Common culprits that often cause this problem include water exposure and power surges. To make matters worse, the equipment in your event can get lost while in transit or fall prey to theft.


Numerous issues can force you to cancel an event. For example, you may have to call off an outdoor festival due to inclement weather. Or, everything may be in order and the weather perfect, and then the venue you’ve booked cancels for some reason.

A key vendor withdrawing from the event can also lead to event cancellation. Take a reputable brewer as an example. If such an entity promises to sponsor your beer festivals, then pulls out at the last second, you may have no other option but to cancel your event.

Sadly, a canceled event leaves you with losses from hired services like photography or items like flowers and tents.

Property Damage

Accidents happen during events, and they often lead to property damage. For example, guests may accidentally drop and break glasses or other dishes. Or, spillages may occur and stain soft, rented furnishings.

Property damage is also common in events like house parties which are often filled with unruly guests. For example, according to a recent report, a host threw a rager that resulted in damages worth around $20,000.

Events should be fun. However, issues like personal injuries, property damages, and equipment loss can turn them into a nightmare. Fortunately, we at Rafail Insurance Agency can prevent this.

We offer event insurance coverage, which you can use to protect guests and property in the event of injuries and damage. Contact us now to know more about our policy options or to get a free quote.