July 2, 2015

Pool Safety

The office staff recently got together at a coworkers pool and cooled off in brutal Houston heat! We had a great time bonding outside of the work environment and relaxing. With all the fun we were having we also made sure to keep an eye out on the little ones who were enjoying their time in and around the water.

According to the American Red Cross, over 200 young children drown in backyard swimming pools each year. They recommend simple tips to ensure the safety of everyone especially the younger children.

  • Protect your pool with barriers.
  • Keep watch of your children at all times
  • Make sure everyone in the household and those who visit know how to swim.
  • Keep your pool clean and maintain chemical levels, circulation and filtration.
  • Make sure you have proper rules such as no diving and make sure to walk around pool areas.
  • Simple rules can avoid life threatening injuries.
  • Be sure everyone knows what do in case of an emergency.