Antonio Mendoza August 11, 2020

The Difference Between Term and Permanent Insurance

Let’s discuss the difference between Term and Permanent Insurance. Term Insurance is pretty black and white. You received X amount of coverage for X amount of time and then it goes away. Much like rent, there is no equity in it but it meets a short term need. It may be low cost now but that price will increase the older you get. On the other hand, we offer Permanent Insurance. Think of this like a savings account or owning your home. It never goes away, it comes with a death benefit and you have the option to pull money out, essentially tax free, if needed! We are always available to discuss all the life insurance options available to you. Follow the link below to see Mark Rafail discuss this comparison and how you determine the amount of insurance that you need or give us a call at 713-429-1790 with any questions you may have.