Commercial Property Insurance in Houston, TX

A business happy to have affordable commercial property insurance in Houston, TX
Your strip center, office building or any type of commercial/business property can properly be covered to its full replacement value based on what the actual reconstruction of your structure is. Sale price can be much different than the cost to rebuild, which is what we strive to do with A-Rated Carriers like Farmers Insurance, CHUBB, Lloyds of London, Liberty Mutual, Scottsdale/Nationwide and more.

Why should I get commercial insurance?

If your company sells certain products, there are hundreds of things that can happen. There is always a liability that someone could hurt themselves using one of your products and take extensive measures to sue for their troubles. Commercial insurance is generally needed by vendors, customers, and landlords. It is fairly common for these parties to request proof of commercial insurance to make sure you are protected against any damages that could happen in the event of an accident happening on the job.

We can cover the following in addition:

  • General Liability if a consumer or tenant is injured.
  • Flood Insurance – most people do know this is our biggest exposure & the biggest exclusion on all property policies but can be covered with a government-mandated flood policy.
  • Loss of rental income – if your fire causes you not to have tenants thus causing you to lose rental income, we can cover that so you can pay bills, stay afloat and ultimately keep your property.
  • If you own and manage your own properties, consider an Errors & Omissions Policy to cover your advice, recommendations and contracts. Tenants can sue and this is what defends you

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