Keyman Life Insurance

Does your business have one person that everyone relies on? One person that really keeps your business going? What would happen to your business if something happened to him or her? If your business hinges on the work of one particular person, such as your VP, office manager, or lead sales person, your business may need to consider getting life insurance. If that one person unexpectedly passes away, your company will not be able to create the same amount of revenue as before, and that could be devastating for your business.

It is difficult for an office to function properly while grieving the passing of a key person, but keyman life insurance can provide at least some financial relief for your office. After the passing of an insured key person, your business will be paid a direct cash death benefit. This benefit will give your business the necessary time and money that your business will need to interview, replace, and train the new key person. This kind of insurance is necessary for your business, especially if that one person generates hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for your company.

Discuss keyman insurance with an agent from Rafail Insurance. We can ensure that all of your questions are answered and that all of your business’ insurance needs are met. Losing an important person can be a very tragic situation, but it does not mean that your business will fall apart. Find out how Rafail Insurance can help, give us a call today!