IF you pay someone 1099, you don't need workmen's comp, right? NOPE!! Protect your business with the right business insurance and workmen's compensation.

What if during a flood the water comes in from your sinks or your toilets? Does your flood insurance or homeowners insurance cover that damage?

Minute Mondays! What happens when your car is involved in a flood? Is that covered by your flood insurance or your auto insurance?

Many business owners ask if they need to carry flood insurance for their business. Listen as Mark discusses this topic for Minute Mondays.

Learn more about insuring your business with Mark Rafail's Minute Mondays. Business Insurance is an important and necessary asset to your business. General liability does not cover everything.

Today is day 4 of hurricane preparedness week. With the topic of getting an insurance checkup at the forefront… Mark Rafail, with Farmers Insurance, is here to answer some questions about homeowners and flood insurnace policies. If your costs for rebuilding/ repairing exceeds the amount originally granted to you by your insurance company you can file for a supplement.

Having the right life insurance policy when you are a business owner means protecting your business for the future, no matter what may come. Business Owner Life Insurance can make the difference between a smooth transition or failure. Listen as Mark Rafail explains more.

We know it’s hard to comprehend the thought of not being there to provide for your loved ones. We have developed a life insurance program that is designed to plan ahead and answer any questions you have at any stage of life.