October 18, 2013

Halloween Saftey – 9 Safety tips from an insurance professional.


With Halloween around the corner, everyone already knows exactly what they’re going to wear, what their kids will be wearing, their exact route and the houses that they will go to, they’ve proportioned the precise amount of candy that they’ll be able to consume on halloween night,….wait what? People HAVEN’T done those things yet?

Halloween combines, excessive amounts of sugar, walking in the middle of the street, knocking on doors of complete strangers and asking for things, all that on top of wearing masks and costumes that impair your vision and movement. It’s basically becomes a flock of inebriated door-to-door salesmen with a sugar addiction. After we ignore the fact that that was a horrible analogy, let’s start thinking about the actual safety necessary for Halloween. Here are a few tips that you can prepare for from now.

The basics:

1. Plan your route with your kids, know whose house you’re going to. As unfortunate as it may seem, look up sex-offender lists in your neighborhood.

2. Attach a bike reflector or reflector tape to your candy bucket/bag

3. Assuming that you already know the fact that you should always be in a group. Make sure that the weird guy with the ridiculous mask is looking when everyone’s crossing the street.

4. The brighter the costume the better, unless you’re scaring kids in your front yard.

5. If you’re brining your pet, make sure they stay away from the Jack-o-lantern.

6. CARRY FLASHLIGHTS…don’t forget the batteries.

7. Watch out for candles and things you could trip on in other people’s yards

8. Please, for all that is good, use the SIDEWALK!.

9. Eating a meal before going trick or treating will make you and your children less likely to prematurely indulge in your treats.