Disability Insurance

What if you could not perform your daily tasks as a Physician, Attorney, Engineer or any profession? What would happen to the income you are used to making for yourself and your family? Obtaining disability insurance is something preached in Medical School and Graduate School for a reason; you still have loans to pay. We can help by replacing up to 80% of the income you are used to earning until age 65. For example, if you are a dentist and lose an arm and cannot continue your dental practice, we have policies that will pay your disability income and still allow you to work another job that can better accommodate you. 

We can write with reputable companies like Principal, Ameritas and more!

How it works

Simplified underwriting is just that – simple – for you and your clients. Our goal is to help you get IDI business on the books, quicker and easier. We do that by eliminating:

  • Routine medical requirements, blood, urine, EKGs and APSs
  • Financial verification
  • You needing to help clients complete the medical portion (Part B) of the application

Program benefits

  • Streamlined underwriting process
  • Great foundational coverage up to set monthly caps (all features, riders, etc. available)
  • Available for the majority of IDI products:
    • Individual Disability Income (DI)
    • Overhead Expense (OE)
    • Disability Buy-Out (DBO)
    • Key Person Replacement (KPR)4

Individual protection

  • Mortgage
  • Student loans
  • Everyday protection

Business owner protection

  • Business and personal income
  • Employee benefits