Vacant Dwelling Insurance

If you are planning on selling a home that needs renovations or “flipping” a home, then a vacant dwelling policy is what you need. It will cover your home during the course of the renovations for 30, 90 or 120 days, depending on your needs. If the renovations are less than 30% of the home value, then this policy is just right.

Flipping a home can be difficult work, so it is important for your property to be covered in case something goes wrong. This kind of insurance is different than homeowners insurance. Vacant dwelling insurance does not cover personal property as intensively, since the home is vacant. However, while flipping a home, coverage for loss assessment and property liability is very important. If the property is damaged or anyone is harmed while doing renovation work, you may be liable. With vacant dwelling insurance, you will be covered for damages.

For major renovations (over 30% of the home value) then a Builder’s Risk policy is what is required. If you are doing more than 1 home per year, then we recommend that you have a General Liability policy for your business or yourself.

Rafail Insurance Group wants to ensure that you have the right kind of insurance for any kind of property that you own. Schedule an appointment and discuss your home property insurance policies with our insurance agents. We will be sure that you are prepared for the unexpected. For more information on Vacant Dwelling insurance, give Rafail Insurance Group a call!