Directors & Officers Insurance

Risks of Nonprofit Management

Operating a nonprofit organization comes with its own set of risks. These risks are often different from those of a publicly owned, for-profit company. As a director or officer, you probably aren’t managing the day-to-day operations of the organization. And, yet, you can be held personally responsible for any actions made by the organization. Even after leaving the organization, you can still be legally responsible for the decisions made while you were in office.

Protect Yourself and the Organization

Directors & Officers Insurance offers protection from lawsuits and wrongful act allegations. With this specialized type of insurance, you’ll receive liability coverage for any management errors and any claims that may arise. Directors & Officers Insurance allows you to serve as a director or officer without fearing any personal losses during or after your term. Protect your personal assets and the organization with the right coverage.

Disclaimer: Directors & Officers Insurance does not cover against any criminal acts. If you are benefitting from illegal profits or intentionally participating in illegal acts regarding the organization, no type of insurance will protect you.

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