Group Life Insurance

Make sure that your family is insured. Group life insurance can provide your loved one with years of income to make sure that they are being taken care of if you should pass away. It’s never too early to be prepared.

With group life insurance, your beneficiaries are guaranteed life insurance and financial stability. You don’t have to worry about their standard of living, debt, education or retirement savings, because group life insurance will guarantee them all of that. It gives you the lifetime insurance that you are looking for, and will take care of your family even when you can’t.

For Businesses

Rafail Insurance Group can assist with your company’s group benefits for life/health/dental and vision. Group life insurance gives your staff or team a cost-effective way of getting life insurance without any health screening. This is a great benefit for any employees that may have a pre-existing condition because they cannot obtain any individual coverage. Group life allows coverage of all employees no matter of their health! This is by far one of the greatest perks.

Separate yourself from other employers by offering these valuable benefits. Rafail Insurance offers many different Life Insurance products that will help business owners make it possible for your heirs to help contribute to paying estate taxes. It also helps to sustain business during a transition in management. Providing group life insurance for your employee’s is the most economical way to protect all your colleagues: Group Life can be provided to companies from three to 300 employees.

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