Pastoral Liability Insurance

Why do you need Pastoral Liability Insurance in Texas?

Pastoral liability insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that covers pastors/religious leaders and their churches/organizations. As a religious leader, your congregation turns to you for advice and guidance on various aspects of their lives. And while you aim to offer the best advice you can provide, you may unintentionally affect someone’s life in a negative way.

Liability Risks Covered by Pastoral Liability Insurance in Texas

You—personally or as the church as a whole—serve as an important figure in the lives of many. You’re trusted to provide guidance and advice on topics affecting the daily lives of those in your church/organization. Whether during a service or a smaller counseling session, someone may feel they were negatively affected by the guidance they received from a pastor/priest/other religious leader.

Whether it’s marriage, work, or drug advice (or something entirely different), this insurance covers and recommendations you give to your congregation. We provide Pastoral Liability Insurance for churches in Texas so if someone does decide to sue, both the pastor and the church are covered.

Note: Sexual abuse and molestation coverage can also be companioned for any accusations of any sexual misconduct.