Antonio Mendoza May 12, 2021


Houston (May 10, 2021) – Rafail Insurance Agency, in partnership with the Community Response Task Force (CRTF), will host an educational meeting and Q&A on flood plain changes and insurance implications at the Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department on May 14th from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. CRTF monthly meetings are designed to enhance individual and community preparedness for disasters such as flooding which is timely during this National Hurricane Preparedness Week.  The meeting will be available live and recorded on the website

“Flooding is the number 1 disaster in Houston,” says Mark Rafail, President/Principal Broker of Rafail Insurance Agency. “The reality is that with so much new construction near the Gulf Coast, low-risk areas are slow to be mapped into higher-risk flood zones. Statistics show that 25% to 30% of flooding is now occurring in areas defined as low to moderate risk. Financial preparedness through insurance is critical. Families have had to take a second mortgage to repair damages from flooding because they were not defined at risk and did not have flood insurance.”  Rafail was interviewed this week by Houston Channel CW39’s Meteorologist, Carrigan Chauvin, also covering National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

“Success often depends on the initial community response,” says Phillipe Cras, CRTF President. “Our biggest asset during a disaster is the local community and the personal network of people.”

CRTF resumed in-person meetings at their home base, Atascocita Fire Department, in January of 2021 following a shut down due to Covid-19.  Rafail Insurance Agency will donate $1,000 to the organization and will be personally involved in assisting residents in disaster areas through the CRTF.

“Communities will survive through their personal network and with the tools to rebuild,” says Rafail. “Our goal on the 14th is to educate on the changing flood plains and preparedness for if and when recovery is necessary.”

About Rafail Insurance Agency

Rafail Insurance Agency was awarded the #1 Flood Insurance Agency out of 65 local agencies in 2019 and 2020.  They are an insurance and financial services agency, managing nearly 4,000 commercial and residential insurance policies. Rafail Insurance Agency manages approximately $5,200,000 in insurance premiums annually with a staff of 6 individuals They were nationally recognized for Commercial & Residential Insurance Production/Product Knowledge by Farmers Insurance 2009-2020.

About CRTF

CRTF’s mission is to enhance community emergency preparedness and response in coordination hundreds of partners.  CRTF members employ knowledge and skills acquired through their professions, volunteer activities, and past times to support the community during an emergency.  Monthly meetings offer opportunities to enhance individual and community preparedness as success often depends on initial community response.