Great Day Houston
Antonio Mendoza November 19, 2020
Mark Rafail on Great Day Houston

Christina Kooker: Great day Houston plus sponsored by Mark Rafail insurance agency. Welcome to Great Day Houston, I’m Christina Kooker. Today. We’re going to be talking about insurance and the what if game. 50% of consumers and businesses do not carry three of the most important coverages that can save your life financially. Here for […]

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Antonio Mendoza November 5, 2020
Flood Insurance for Realtors

Hello to our friends at Intero Real Estate. It’s Mark Rafail again with the Rafail Insurance Agency. Except this time I got a haircut. I know it’s, COVID, it’s a little hard these days to go out and get your hair cut. My wife cut it and she did a good job. Flood insurance in […]

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Antonio Mendoza October 7, 2020
Happy Anniversary to Elaine Maher and Megan Pence!

We are so blessed to have wonderful team members like Elaine Maher and Megan Pence at Rafail Insurance Agency! Congratulations to both of them for celebrating anniversaries with our agency this month. Megan Pence is a gem to our agency! She is prompt, cares about our clients and is always a team player. Cheers to 2 years but she […]

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Antonio Mendoza
Rafail Insurance has a brand new billboard!

Voted the best Insurance Agency in Houston, Rafail Insurance is excited to announce our new billboard! Located on 59 in Houston, now it is even easier to tell your friends about the best agency to help them with their auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, commercial insurnace, property insurance, errors and omissions, and so much […]

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Antonio Mendoza September 23, 2020
Buy/Sell Agreements and Keyman Insurance

Buy-sell life insurance is helpful for business partners that wish to keep their business running after the passing of one of the partners. So much of a business relies on the dependent relationship of a partnership, and if one of the partners passes, it is very important that there is a smooth transition to a […]

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Antonio Mendoza September 3, 2020
Rafail Insurance Celebrates 10 years in business

We were so honored to celebrate our 10 years in business with clients, partners, friends and family. Thank you to making us a successful insurance agency in the Houston area. We love working with you to protect what you love. Take a look at our video recap of a wonderful night! Cheers to 10 years […]

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Antonio Mendoza August 28, 2020
Flood Insurance FAQs

Let’s talk Flood Insurance   History of the Flood Program •Flood Program Formed 1968 •Amended 1973 •Most of the Houston Area Joined Before 1974 •WYO Program 1983 •Significant Reform: •Biggert-Waters 2012 •HFIAA 2014 Definition of Flood •General and temporary condition of partial of complete inundation of two or more acres, normally dry land areas OR […]

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Antonio Mendoza August 14, 2020
Houston Chronicle Best of the Best in Houston 2020

VOTED BEST OF THE BEST in Houston by you!! We are so grateful and excited to have to voted the #1 Insurance Agency in Houston by our wonderful clients, partners and friends in the Houston Chronicle’s Best of the Best 2020. There is no greater compliment. Helping you with home, auto, life, business insurnace and more […]

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