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Antonio Mendoza March 23, 2021
Rafail Insurance Hits the Small Screen – Personal Insurance & Business Insurance

Our team is absolutely what makes Rafail Insurance Houston’s Best of the Best Insurance Agency! We had the pleasure of filming a few videos to use for commercial advertising to continue to get the word out about how we can help with all your personal insurance and business insurance needs. We had a “record” year […]

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Antonio Mendoza February 25, 2021
Entrepreneur Spotlight – Persistence Pays Off – Auto Home Life Insurance

In this episode of Capital Interactive’s Entrepreneur Spotlight, hosts Besim Tafilaj and Adam Bosnjak, interview Mark Rafail – owner and operator of a Farmers Insurance agency here in Houston, TX. Mark brings his 11+ years of experience as a Farmers Insurance Agent and shares several stories about how and why he started his own agency. […]

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Antonio Mendoza January 12, 2021
Resolve to Protect What You Love With the Right Coverage

One of the most important New Year’s resolutions you can make this year is to conduct a thorough review of your insurance coverage. Why? It can help you know that your home and belongings are fully protected, and it provides an opportunity for us to address any gaps in coverage that we find. We will sit […]

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Antonio Mendoza December 11, 2020
Shoutout HTX Interview with Mark Rafail

We had the good fortune of connecting with Mark Rafail and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Mark, how has your perspective on work-life balance evolved over time? I have been forced to change my balance due to my 2 lovely daughters & amazing wife Sylvia. Can’t miss dinner, have to be off on the […]

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Antonio Mendoza
Family Sues Publix Over Deli Worker’s Death from COVID-19

The way we do business has changed for lots of us this year. What you need to protect your business against have evolved as well! Our team is your resource for the right coverage for your business, big or small. Recently Mark cam across and article titled, ‘Family Sues Publix Over Deli Worker’s Death from […]

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Great Day Houston
Antonio Mendoza November 19, 2020
Mark Rafail on Great Day Houston

Christina Kooker: Great day Houston plus sponsored by Mark Rafail insurance agency. Welcome to Great Day Houston, I’m Christina Kooker. Today. We’re going to be talking about insurance and the what if game. 50% of consumers and businesses do not carry three of the most important coverages that can save your life financially. Here for […]

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Antonio Mendoza November 5, 2020
Flood Insurance for Realtors

Hello to our friends at Intero Real Estate. It’s Mark Rafail again with the Rafail Insurance Agency. Except this time I got a haircut. I know it’s, COVID, it’s a little hard these days to go out and get your hair cut. My wife cut it and she did a good job. Flood insurance in […]

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Antonio Mendoza October 7, 2020
Happy Anniversary to Elaine Maher and Megan Pence!

We are so blessed to have wonderful team members like Elaine Maher and Megan Pence at Rafail Insurance Agency! Congratulations to both of them for celebrating anniversaries with our agency this month. Megan Pence is a gem to our agency! She is prompt, cares about our clients and is always a team player. Cheers to 2 years but she […]

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